Life is so unpredictable!!!

Hello people!! I am sure after going through the heading, lots of things would have crossed into our minds. Every one of us at some point in their Life must have felt that why Life is so Unpredictable. Now most of us would have went back to those memories which may be good or bad. Well same thing applies to me.

The reason why I took this initiative to write this blog was after I discovered one of my very good friends who I lost few days ago. I met him few months back; spoke to him on the phone. After that I never got a chance to speak to him nor got a chance to visit him. All I could only hear was his news of death. For a while I couldn’t imagine nor was able to accept that he is dead. All I could think was that I am seeing bad dream. However, it was no more a dream but a true fact which so difficult to digest. It took some days to accept it. Every night I could only see was his innocent face and the way I had spend quality time with him and the dreams that we used to talk about and the things that we decided to do. When I finally accepted that I have lost someone really close this thought came into my mind “Life is So Unpredictable”

We all are living in such a busiest life that we hardly get time for ourselves. Not only this, we are so lost in satisfying our needs and wants and trying to match our peers or would rather say trying to beat someone in the success race and overcoming our shortfalls and proving ourselves best that we have forgotten our true self and the people once upon a time we cared for. We all agree to the fact that because of networking like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, we have lost the human touch. Mostly I would say it’s because of Whatsapp. We prefer to chat on it rather than meeting and talking.

Life is really moving at the fast space much than we have expected. Everything is happening in such a way that we are not able to understand. For some of the people it’s like a catastrophe. For other’s it’s a heaven. Sometimes we are not able to figure it out what is happening in our surroundings. We are also not able to make ourselves clear what we feel or how much others matter to us. When we feel like conveying, it’s either too late or it doesn’t make any sense to the other person.

What I am trying to highlight here is, our life expectancy has shortened. What will happen next we don’t know? The person that we are going to meet in few months may never be there or we may not be there. If we are going to take time to convey our message imagining that we will get a second chance than we should except that there is no second chance. In the end when we are not able to do so, all we are is with regrets. The burden of regrets is too heavy to live with.

So my appeal to everyone is, whenever you are missing someone or want to speak to someone, instead of using messages, just call up and make a point to meet up. Let’s not take people for granted. Its materials, that needs to be taken for granted. Even though few of us are living with regrets that why we were not able to do it at that time, now nothing can be done. Just release the regrets and start fresh. Love yourself the people around. We may get success and money and materials but we can never get back those people to whom we have once Loved….